Banks Rely On Middle-class

Now bankers are interested to promote their banking products to periphery. As the analysis of situation showed today there is an interest in acquisition of travel credits there. Naturally, the cities undisputed leaders of such crediting. They show fixed rise in demand. However, the analysis of market situation in travel crediting showed that well organized refreshment attracts people from the province Therefore, this type of crediting gains its strength there. At the same time banks started adjustment of communications with operators of travel business, who work out of the cities expanding in such a way their partner communications.

Tour operators and bankers have not changed their priorities and continued to rely servicing of customer belonging to middle class. It is noticed that the most demanded tours which are bought on credit are the travels of an average price category: the resorts of Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, etc. Operators also wish to draw attention of rich clients who may buy elite tours for several times a year. Travel agencies are ready to offer such borrowers various privileges to those tourists who can buy such tours.

The only issue which bankers aren’t going to solve soon is cost reduction of services for use of vacation credits. They are planned to be sold at the price of a consumer credit. But bankers agree to expand the period of grace crediting.

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