Banks Rely On Middle-class

Now bankers are interested to promote their banking products to periphery. As the analysis of situation showed today there is an interest in acquisition of travel credits there. Naturally, the cities undisputed leaders of such crediting. They show fixed rise in demand. However, the analysis of market situation in travel crediting showed that [...]

Travel Financing May Be Wide-scale

Today demand for travel financing is observed in both types of a loan, both on receipt of borrowing facilities by cash, and on transfer of money to a plastic card. During the vacations season tour crediting increases on 30%. Today essential growth both quantities of credit cards and amount of transactions on each [...]

Tourist Trip Crediting Options

Undoubtedly the most convenient method of travel financing is a credit card with grace period of repayment. Average commission rate on it is about 36%, it is necessary to add to it the payment for money withdrawal – from 1,6 to 3% of total amount.

Use of credit cards very is [...]

Refreshment On Loan

This year was difficult for everybody including travel agencies. Tourist vauchers became more expensive on forty percent and there is not enough money to spend New Year holidays abroad. Some people really do not have any choice and they traditionally will spend holidays in the company of TV. But many of them will [...]

Financing Of Tourism Today On-upgrade

Despite some difficulties tourist industry in our country is on-upgrade today. Opportunities of its application and money turnover grow rapidly.

Many large banks work today in the sphere of tourism financing as the consumer demand on financing of vacation is very attractive to them. Today tour operators sell on credit only [...]

Psychological Barrier And Credit For Tourism

The older person is the more watchful his attitude to crediting of tourist trips. Young people treat it easier, even more thoughtlessly. They take life on credit more freely considering borrowed money as matter-of-course.

One more barrier which constrains people of advanced age in acquisition of the credit for vacation is [...]

Payment For Trip By Credit Card

Such payment mechanism is both simple and universal. Tourists of middle class and well-to-do persons successfully use clearing card settlements and their application is wide scale today.

Of course there is nothing surprising as most of employers today aim to transfer the employee’s salary. However, the major factor is a keen [...]

Crediting Of Tourist Trips

Banks have begun to grant credits for travel rather recently. But this banking product now is in a fixed demand. Now tourist operators who having secured with support of financial institutions were connected to banks offering their clients purchase of tours on credit.

Purpose-oriented crediting of refreshment provides a compulsory first [...]

Is It Worth Taking Credit For Vacation?

The main advantage of credit obtaining for vacation is opportune receipt of money for a trip. For example, you have unexpected days off, it is possible to go to rest, but money is not enough. In this case credit will be useful. A slogan of banks “have a rest today – pay tomorrow” [...]

Across Europe On Credit By Train

If you have a desire see Europe from a train window, buy a ticket. Having paid for journey once, it is possible to pass on many EU countries, changing your routes.

Before starting it is necessary to analyze thoroughly the opportunities for such trip. If it isn’t enough money, it is [...]