Vacation Financing and Compulsory Insurance

Almost always before giving to the client a signed agreement the bank includes in it an item obliging the client to purchase the life and health insurance policy together with tour. The condition is usually arranged as an additional option, but happens that purchase is just imposed though in the law there is [...]

Travel On Credit

If there is an intolerable wish to go to the “overseas” countries but money in your budget is enough to visit grandma living in the neighboring village, there is no other way out but to apply to the bank for travel credit. Besides, such trips become popular nowadays.

To receive funds [...]

Credit Card And Non-purpose Loan For Travel Payment

There are two more types of crediting of a tourist trip: money transfer to credit card by the bank or granting of non-purpose loan.

The credit card has a grace period on payment of borrowed money validity of which may be 45 days or three months. Everything depends on what credit [...]

Financing Of Refreshment: Benefits And Specifics

It is possible to arrange the credit for travel at the bank very quickly. At that it won’t be required the guarantee and set of various documents. Besides, at the availability of the bank credit for vacation the majority of travel agencies grant to the client preferences for tour.

As soon [...]

Money For Vacation On Valuable Property Pledge

What to do if urgent money for purchase of an expensive tour is required? To borrow from friends or relatives? To sell something valuable sometimes there is no sufficient time. Bank secured loan may become a salvation in this situation. It means that money will be given by the bank on apartment, or [...]

Credit Card Or “Insurance” Shot?

We would like to pay your attention that every case of a credit card use on vacation is very individual. Therefore the purpose of article is impartial information on nuances of card crediting, on benefits and consequences of use.

In case a credit card issuing specialists don’t recommend to pay with [...]

Credit Card Might Come In Handy During Vacation

First of all, use of a credit card is very conveniently. It is insecure and uncomfortably to carry cash, they need to be registered, when passing the customs. The credit card much more facilitates the life. The person takes thin card from plastic on which there are enough money for trip and recreation. [...]

Whether Credit For Vacation Is Necessary

Of course, it is not difficult to borrow money at the bank. But whether the client will be able to repay easily taken money after vacations or whether he should look for methods to receive additional earnings to repay a loan. It is known that not all citizens of our country have money [...]

Health Resort Credits By Installments

Today very few bank institutions offer target programs for crediting of vacationers. Such credits are considered by the clients to be too superimposed and inconvenient as the interest for using a loan is very high. The overpayment amounts at least thirty percent from the borrowed sum. Besides, means is allocated just so much [...]