Credit Card And Non-purpose Loan For Travel Payment

There are two more types of crediting of a tourist trip: money transfer to credit card by the bank or granting of non-purpose loan.

The credit card has a grace period on payment of borrowed money validity of which may be 45 days or three months. Everything depends on what credit conditions were coordinated with bank. On completion of such period interest for using a card is quite impressive: from twenty five and more percent, if the borrower has not managed to pay off the loan.

The non-purpose loan is an ordinary consumer loan which is better to arrange beforehand, as the term of request consideration by the bank may exceed two weeks. But sometimes happens when the decision is made just in three days. Commission rate on the credit usually depends on received amount, time of loan repayment, number of submitted documents, etc. Such loan is convenient because cash may be received not only for tour purchase, but for concomitant expenses.

Before going to bank to obtain the credit for travel first of all it is necessary to study thoroughly all conditions of its granting.  Sometimes banks include the commission for opening of the account in a loan amount, impose penalties for delay of payments and for early return of the borrowed means provide payment of customer account servicing. We recommend not hurry with a bank choice as credit conditions in different financial organizations may differ quite significantly.

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