Crediting Of Tourist Trips

Banks have begun to grant credits for travel rather recently. But this banking product now is in a fixed demand. Now tourist operators who having secured with support of financial institutions were connected to banks offering their clients purchase of tours on credit.

Purpose-oriented crediting of refreshment provides a compulsory first fee for the bought service. Its amount may be different, up to thirty percent from a total cost of travel agency services. Everything depends on a loan repayment period. Normally, payment due date of the tourist credit is from half a year to three years.

On the remained money the operator and the client sign the agreement according to which the credited person undertakes obligations on repayment of a loan. The credit commission rate depends on payment due date to the bank. It is necessary to add on services for opening of the bank account, money transfer to accounts of the operator and three monthly percent for servicing of the credit.

The credit for travel is the case of urgent crediting for which documents preparation and terms of money provision are simplified to maximum. Some banks are able to grant such credit to the client in 15 minutes, some within one hour but there are such banks which need from one to several days for it.

For credit granting the documents confirming the borrower’s identity will be necessary for the client (passport, driver license, it sometimes it may be a certificate of employment).

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