Financing Of Tourism Today On-upgrade

Despite some difficulties tourist industry in our country is on-upgrade today. Opportunities of its application and money turnover grow rapidly.

Many large banks work today in the sphere of tourism financing as the consumer demand on financing of vacation is very attractive to them. Today tour operators sell on credit only ready tourist travel implying a certain set of the concomitant services. But in their plans there is an extension of their list and geography of trips. The discount programs supporting tourism on credit lines are constantly improved; clients may receive various discounts for bank goods today. Banks work not only with travel companies, but also with owners of hotels, air-transport and insurance companies, etc., activities of which are based on travel business.

Despite the mass character tourist crediting for banks is not one of chief yet and may never become a strategic in our country. Therefore banks do not organize big promotion companies on promotion of travel credits unlike other credit programs. Tour operators, for which financing of travel on credit is the important tool, which promotes competitive work, have a different point of view. In this case all risks naturally lay down on agencies. But there is an obvious advantage: the client arranges tour on credit without leaving the office of travel agency manager. It is very convenient for him as requires little efforts and time.

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