Psychological Barrier And Credit For Tourism

The older person is the more watchful his attitude to crediting of tourist trips. Young people treat it easier, even more thoughtlessly. They take life on credit more freely considering borrowed money as matter-of-course.

One more barrier which constrains people of advanced age in acquisition of the credit for vacation is a repayment to bank. Most of all they are afraid not to repay a debt. And the bank may collect it via court. It is not excluded that with property. The most insuperable factor of our society lies in money borrowing from relatives or friends. It is not a secret that our society has not accepted a “fair” usury.

However, our travel agencies and banks really do not try to make their work more attractive. For example, tour operators may suggest to fill-in a questionnaire consisting of many pages with indication of private information. It may be: number of the previous passport, surname of the wife (before marriage), the metric area of the house or apartment, availability of personal and real estate (with enumeration), ownership of licenses or patents and etc. It is not a normal situation. If not all items filled the bank will consider it as the basis not to grant money to the client. And what is interesting, clients don’t ask travel agency and the bank working with it to give them one million dollars cash. They just want to have a nice vacation.

Such cases are non-typical, but they happen. Therefore, tourist industry is not too popular in our country.

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