Refreshment On Loan

This year was difficult for everybody including travel agencies. Tourist vauchers became more expensive on forty percent and there is not enough money to spend New Year holidays abroad. Some people really do not have any choice and they traditionally will spend holidays in the company of TV. But many of them will go to banks to take the credit for a trip to Europe or ski resorts.

If there is no money for a trip at all, the tourist voucher should be arranged for all credit money which then will be very hard to pay off. Therefore we advise to postpone a trip until the best times. Money is borrowed when everything is normal with finance and there is no danger not to repay the credit. Besides, the overpayment for a loan on vacation even according to the most loyal banks programs will be very expensive – to forty percent per annum. It may lead to much longer repayment of the credit. Therefore, one should forget about trip somewhere next year. We remind that banks usually charge considerable rate on purpose-oriented loans.

Absolutely different will the situation look if the credit for travel will be taken just for a part of tour. In this case it is possible to allot the credit for small amount. Respectively, commission rate for such amount will be much less. Besides, small loans are paid off very quickly, approximately in three months. If to follow our advice, New Year’s holidays will bring only joy, but not worry that money obtained on credit will be necessary to repay somehow.

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