Tour Credit Cancellation And Whether Operators Have Credit Income

Any travel agency never traces whether the client repaid money to bank or not. Bank employees sometimes call to travel agencies regarding such client if he applied to them again. The main task of the operator is not in coordination of actions of the tourist and bank, but in the trip organization and sending the client to a place of his recreation. That is all.

It is important to notify the client beforehand on commission rate for use of the credit, the actual overpayment and cancellation conditions of travel. For example, if the client who bought tour on credit for some reason is forced to refuse a trip the operator will immediately apply penalties to him having kept the absolute cost of the tour. In this case the taken money will be lost, but anyway the credit should be paid. Therefore, the client is warned usually about undesirability of cancellation. It is possible to avoid these sanctions if to purchase a comprehensive insurance which will protect from all risks.

Credit service for tour operator is rather an opportunity to expand the customer service delivery than opportunity to gain an additional income. There are some banks which pay agencies a certain percent from the amount of a credit deal. But most often occurs on the contrary: financial institutions take different payment for the services, from one to four percent. Many operators add this banking fee to a total cost of the tour, and it is paid by the client (a hidden commission for credit use).

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