Tourist Trip Crediting Options

Undoubtedly the most convenient method of travel financing is a credit card with grace period of repayment. Average commission rate on it is about 36%, it is necessary to add to it the payment for money withdrawal – from 1,6 to 3% of total amount.

Use of credit cards very is useful much when all means are exhausted at purchase of tour. It may be used abroad paying for purchases. Only inconvenience of plastic cards in that bank can open a small limit on the card if the income of the client is not too big. Such amount cannot be enough even for tour payment.

It is possible also to use the travel credit program according to which it is possible to receive very considerable amount. It is offered today by almost all banks. This money will be enough for the most refined refreshment. But … as always, with a proviso: if with borrower’s finances is not everything OK, banks will limit a credit amount, or the client needs the guarantee.

Today each bank is in partnership with some specific tourist operator being engaged in payment of their invoices. The clients buying tour on credit naturally pay for this cooperation.

Official bank rates on financing of travel fluctuates from 16 to 24%, but at that anywhere is not specified that the borrower still pays the monthly commissions (2,2%) and the disposable commission in case of credit granting (2%). As a result, overpayment cost for two people tour may amount about thirty and above percent from credit cost.

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