Travel Crediting And Tourist Industry Complications

At last the time came when the credits of such type became popular. We still remember the times when it was impossible to find a bank which could grant money for travel. Today the situation changed cardinally. The majority of large banks don’t avoid any more the cooperation with the organizations which are engaged in tourism. Of course there are tourists who like independent rest. They may obtain crediting in the form of a consumer credit and go there where they want.

Now the number of banks and list of crediting programs is very big. Therefore, the range of crediting rates is rather wide. It is possible having taken a loan for half a year to pay nothing to the bank as it grants payment deferment. Other bank should be paid a big interest. The term of such crediting is usually short but almost never exceeds one year.

Not everything of course is so easy in travel business field. Today this market of services has been caught up with a modest crisis. Big companies are ruined that is followed by complications for tourists. Therefore, the customers’ trust to operators is falling almost catastrophically. Naturally, the majority of clients of travel agencies have an insurance which foresees the possibility of such situations. However nobody will consider this event as “adventure”. But in spite of it banks continue to work in tandem with operators. Clients may consider their credit products as a guarantee of execution of undertaken obligations by the travel agencies.

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