Travel Financing May Be Wide-scale

Today demand for travel financing is observed in both types of a loan, both on receipt of borrowing facilities by cash, and on transfer of money to a plastic card. During the vacations season tour crediting increases on 30%. Today essential growth both quantities of credit cards and amount of transactions on each of them are observed. By average calculations there is one thousand dollars on one plastic card. Now our citizens make active transactions using credit cards for payment of various purchases, including tours, services and goods in vacation places.

Bank analysts paid attention that the holders of plastic cards increase number of purchases on credit limits within that month when they have vacation. Having returned home they almost immediately pay off the debt as the majority of banks provide to cards a grace period and clients try to keep it.

Today financiers work at the project on essential reduction of requirements to clients who want to use the credit for recreation and they hope it will attract much bigger number of potential borrowers. Banks intend to begin credits granting for vacations on the same conditions for purchase of household goods. In their further plans bankers have the production of co-branded cards which is planned to release together with tourist operators.

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