Travel Purchasing As Easy as Home Appliances Purchasing

Credit for travel is the same as consumer loan that is classics of a bank loan. But the role of the consultant for it is played not by the specialist of the bank, but by the employee of travel agency.

For example, the potential tourist comes to the agency being eager to have a rest in any of the countries, at that he wants to use a bank loan. In this case the manager of the company acquaints him with conditions of credit granting, with payment due dates and charging interest. Right there is fixed what transport the client intends to reach the vacation place (train, plane, bus, ship, and so forth). Transport choice also influences the cost. As soon as all issues are resolved the tourist receives a bank questionnaire for filling. He should have minimum of documents: passport and identification code.

As soon as everything is filled, the questionnaire is send to the bank where the decision on credit granting is made approximately for half an hour. In case of positive decision client brings payment for use of reservation. The bank transfers the complete amount to accounts of the operator only after it received confirmation about tour purchase. It usually occurs only next day. It is the main minus of the credit: last-minute tours should be paid immediately (they are the most preferable for today).

However, the number of advantages is bigger:

• Not big commission rate for credit use;

• All necessary documents are processed directly by the operator;

• For credit obtaining it is required a couple of documents, as well as in case of a consumer loan granting.

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