Whether Crediting Is Able To Increase Number Of Tourists

Convenience of service, recreation on credit is poorly estimated by clients, and they use it not so often. Therefore it isn’t necessary to talk about serious change of a situation to the best. Anyway in our country tourism financing won’t have the same popularity as credit for buying of household appliances or furniture. The management of travel agencies is not even absolutely sure, whether clients are interested in financing of tourism. Usually clients if they haven’t enough funds for tour purchase borrow money and make payment directly in cash or with card. However most of operators have no any objections to have their own credit service. Therefore, they sign contracts with banks. Availability of such service works to some extent like advertising for travel agency. Offering their services they also publish this information on the websites.

Young people or employees fixed salary usually use tourist service. Tours on average price are most popular. Generally people from so called category “regular customer” purchase them. It is noticed that about a couple years ago every tenth tour was credited. Today borrowings are topical. However, most likely it is connected with instability of the financial market.

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